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Company profile

Zhejiang Humo Polishing Grinder Manufacture Co.,Ltd established in 1970s is one of the formulators of surface finishing industry China's National Standards. Currently Homo Company has three production sites which cover an area of 156000 M2 and outputs over 30000 ton of grinding media,over 3000 sets of finishing machines,over 3000 ton of polishing conpound and over 3000 ton of ceramic bead annually.The production scale among surface finishing industry is one of the largest in the world.Products sell well at home and abroad,such as America, Japan,Korea,Australia,German,Switzerland ect,over 50 countries totally.

Humo Company dedicates to providing high quality products and advanced technology on surface polishing for customers and manufactures from all type of industries. Over thirty year's professional experience in the area,Humo systematically research new applications for technologies and develop innovative process solution,which combine consistent surface quality with the highest level of economic feasibility.Humo is proud of its surface process solution for comprehensive range of mechanical components,tailor-made solutions from small watch machinery accessories to huge earoengines casting part.

Company culture

The company adhere to the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation," the guiding ideology of scientific and technological work to optimize the allocation of resources, increase investment in science and technology, and continuously improve the ability of independent innovation and follow-up research and development capabilities, and improve the quality of the development of science and technology, Use the project as the starting point, strengthen the construction of qualified personnel, stimulate the vitality of science and technology R & D personnel, master a number of independent intellectual property rights with the core technology and key technologies, the formation of a number of distinctive theoretical innovation and technological achievements to promote the company by leaps and bounds Transformation and upgrading, to achieve the second takeoff, the construction industry leadership, scientific and technological innovation, the cause and the harmonious development of employees, for the development of the national finishing grinding industry to make due contributions.

  • 【The concept of the semi-strong】

    Talent strong to enhance science and technology, science and technology to promote strong industry, strong industry to promote strong economy
  • 【Entrepreneurial spirit】

    Grinding profits of the blade, casting the top of the brand; corporate mission: national brand, Chinese pride
  • 【Concept of talent】

    Both ability and political integrity, is the only move, Heiner rivers, thousands of boat competing
  • 【Management philosophy】

    Also Zhang, Yi Chi, just, strict
  • 【Competitive concept】

    Competition continues to go beyond
  • 【Development concept】

    Ahead of thinking, beyond the self, sound harmony
  • 【Road law specification】

    Stand in mind, treat people honestly, responsible, know honor and disgrace
  • huangsesanjipian热映在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 雪梨 huangsesanjipian热映在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 雪梨 ,妹妹恋人百度影音QVOD在线观看全集免费完整版第02集 雪梨 妹妹恋人百度影音QVOD在线观看全集免费完整版第02集 雪梨 ,奇怪的美发沙龙高清在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 奇怪的美发沙龙高清在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 【Business philosophy】

    Design procedures, to create automation, business internationalization, management standardization
  • 【R & D philosophy】

    Continue, create, transcend
  • 【Environmental policy】

    Harmony between mankind and nature, economic and environmental development, to create a green production base, to create a harmonious ecological environment
  • 【Euality policy】

    Intellectual property policy: adhere to independent innovation, promote enterprise science and technology leading, the sustainable development of intellectual property rights, the fruits of the rapid changes in the fruits of science and technology, the development of high-quality products, adhere to quality improvement, beyond the customer voice;

Development history

Zhejiang Humo Polishing Grinder Manufacture Co.,Ltd, formerly known as Huzhou magnetic material factory, was founded in 1978. In the early 80s by chance, business leaders met a cadre of Huzhou science and Technology Bureau, the introduction of abrasive polishing production technology, and the products to the production of corundum ball, only 10 kinds of specifications, sintering with low efficiency, low output, high coal consumption, the production of kiln smoke dust the annual output of only more than 300 tons. In order to solve the problem of low efficiency and environmental pollution problems, enterprises have introduced advanced methods of sintering kiln, kiln smoke produced by alternative gas furnace, completely solve the problem of dust, the yield also increased from more than 300 tons in 1978 to more than 30000 tons in 2013, and has introduced the eight series, more than 1000 abrasive polishing.
Products should be serialized, large-scale, varieties should be diversified and supporting. Polishing in the polishing industry is the main role, polishing machine and polishing fluid are supporting roles, both rely on each other, are indispensable. In order to make the "Lake mill" has become the whole market "supermarket", make the customer feel "1000 should run a", in 90s the company also has introduced the polishing machine and polishing liquid production, and the acquisition of the original Poseidons stock assets, the rapid expansion of the production scale of enterprises.
In order to further expand the scale of production, seize the domestic and international market, the enterprise bigger and stronger, in 2006 by the Huzhou municipal government on the "Huzhou Jiaxing Shanghai" channel widening opportunities, the company decided to build an annual output of 30 thousand tons of abrasives to technical reformation project. And in the Shuanglin Industrial Zone, 110 acres of land, a total investment of about 81000000 yuan, after the project is put into production, annual output of more than 30 thousand tons of various kinds of abrasive polishing liquid, 2000 tons, 3000 sets of polishing machine.

Talent strategy

1, talent is the first element of enterprise development, high-level talent is the core elements of the development of high-tech enterprises.

2, adhere to the "talent strong enterprises" strategy, continue to implement the "leading talent", "industry excellence" and "innovation team"

Construction, project as the starting point, training leaders and technical leaders.huangsesanjipian热映在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 雪梨 huangsesanjipian热映在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 雪梨 ,妹妹恋人百度影音QVOD在线观看全集免费完整版第02集 雪梨 妹妹恋人百度影音QVOD在线观看全集免费完整版第02集 雪梨 ,奇怪的美发沙龙高清在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 奇怪的美发沙龙高清在线观看全集免费完整版第09集

3, improve the scientific talent use and evaluation mechanism and talent development training system, establish and improve the material incentive and spiritual incentive combination of multiple incentive mechanism.

4, the formation of respect for talent, respect for the knowledge of the atmosphere, everyone has the stage of implementation, the people as the development of the elements.

5, to strengthen the management of talent management, to build all kinds of talent career channel, and strive to create a proactive, the pursuit of excellence, pioneers, passion forge ahead with a good atmosphere, to create a good working and living conditions for the talents to provide a platform for meritorious service.

6, recruit more outstanding college students to enrich the R & D team, employ well-known experts at home and abroad to consult the way to promote the company's research and development, in the system and management to cultivate and attract innovative talents, improve the quality of staff, enhance the ability of continuous innovation.

7. Actively implement the "people make the best use of their talents," the concept of talent, and comprehensively implement the "respect for labor, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creativity" approach. Combined with business practice, focusing on long-term development, adhere to conventional training, and a variety of training methods combine to continuously improve the training channels and methods. Company training centers continue to establish and improve the training system, the implementation of training tasks, with point to achieve a better training results. Organized training in 2012 198 times, training up to 2892 people. Effectively improve the staff's culture, theoretical literacy.

R & D

The company has strong technical force, a doctorate or master's degrees and other technical staff of the professional team, has many years engaged in chemical product resources research and development of senior experts, have continuously developed chemical products, technical reserves, in line with national standards of multi-functional production workshop and large Monitoring, analytical instruments composed of the central laboratory, and in the quality inspection and other aspects to establish a scientific and complete operating system.

Zhejiang Humo Polishing Grinder Manufacture Co.,Ltd. R & D center was established in 2004. In 2007 by the Provincial Science and Technology Department identified as the provincial high-tech research and development center. Center of the existing R & D staff of 30 people, including three professors, associate professor 2 (for external staff), senior engineer 7, 3 engineers, product economic efficiency calculation and internal financial accounting accountant 1.

Production technology, intellectual property rights owned by the project construction unit, the leading domestic project technology, with independent intellectual property rights. The company has a total of 86 intellectual property rights, has 58 evidence, of which six patents.


      The company currently produces polishing abrasive, polishing machinery, polishing liquid, grinding media four categories of products, respectively, related to the silicate materials, machinery, chemical and other three classes. To improve the production, learning, research cooperation will be scientific and technological achievements into industrial production. The company will be polishing abrasive and Jiangxi Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Huzhou Normal College of Life Sciences research and development of the same body; polishing machinery and Henan Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Institute of Technology, Huzhou Normal School of Information and Engineering cooperation. Will be polishing liquid and Shanghai Tongji University hand in hand for long-term scientific and technological cooperation. The company will make full use of these research institutions have the theoretical research and product development of professional teams, laboratories and testing centers, the development of market demand for new products, to improve the company's design and development capabilities.


      Company property rights clear, with provincial-level high-tech R & D center with product design, research and manufacturing, after-sales service and other means and facilities. At present, the company's strong technical force, high-tech personnel gathered, advanced production facilities, sophisticated testing equipment, new products are developed high-tech products, the quality of the international advanced level, and formed a "production generation, trial generation, Brewing generation "of the virtuous circle.

HUMO in the world

huangsesanjipian热映在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 雪梨 huangsesanjipian热映在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 雪梨 ,妹妹恋人百度影音QVOD在线观看全集免费完整版第02集 雪梨 妹妹恋人百度影音QVOD在线观看全集免费完整版第02集 雪梨 ,奇怪的美发沙龙高清在线观看全集免费完整版第09集 奇怪的美发沙龙高清在线观看全集免费完整版第09集

Address: Shuanglin Industrial Zone, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Service hotline: +86-0572-3625702 

Company fax: +86-0572-3620026

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